Two Hundred Words and 14 Lines of Praise

Assignment for Garrison Keillor’s Common Books


Mother, scholar, daughter, wife, who thrives on her superbly full life.
My most precious confidante and good friend, helping me through to the bitter end.
Advice, wise counsel forever abound, never leaving me feeling like a low down hound.
Gems of insight and solutions found; laughter, giggles and guffaws by the pound.
The one I turn to in worry or need; who never challenges my obvious greed.
A purveyor of wisdom, trinkets of perception; and from me, always a welcome reception.
That one prized person who always talks; whether sitting at coffee or out for a walk.
Can I praise her enough for favors and aid; we get back to the point whenever waylaid.
How this happens one has to wonder, could it be simply a mystical blunder?
When intuition feels this right, it seems darned futile to put up a fight.
Maybe coincidence or maybe just folly, that we met on this fortuitous trip, by golly!
Whether cosmic accident or fateful design, whatever, the result is just fine.
The peerless lesson being taught, is the one that, for any price can’t be bought.
We embrace value showing up out of the blue, and firmly believe we’re getting our due.



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