A Nice Voice

Oh, for the days of Map Quest
Print out the directions
Highlight all the turns
Read instructions three times before leaving
Pull over twice to check the route
Stop at a gas station and play helpless

Now, a new voice casts a spell
Until I make a mistake
Make a u-turn as soon as possible
But you always try sending me to other places
When all I want to do is go to Target
Turn left at 92nd Street and then right onto ramp

I can’t find Starbuck’s without your help
Your soothing voice mesmerizes
Turn right at 93rd Street, then turn left
I can’t get to the ‘Y for yoga without you
I know you only want to help
Turn right at 94th Street then turn right  

You don’t give up
Leave me alone
Drive 1.2 miles then turn left onto Mayfair Road
But now I need you
I can’t find 844 East Birch Avenue without you
Drive .2 miles then arrive at address on the right

There’s no going back
Put in the address and listen
Follow your automaton lead
You never scold
Dependent on a little black box
Make a u-turn as soon as possible

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