Ask Away Cafe

An alcove for privacy
That’s the draw.
Its poetry breakfast
Reading our gems.

I order chai.
Doesn’t come, doesn’t come,
Wait twenty minutes
Then, finally ask.
“I forgot to turn on the machine.”
When were they going to tell me?
Now I must ask before I order,
“Is the chai machine turned on?”
A good place to open a café

Eight breakfasts ordered
Three forks, one knife, five napkins
We have to ask for everything
Many trips to the counter

Waitress is matter of fact,
“We cook one order at a time.”
One served, ten minutes,
Second served, ten minutes,
Third, on and on.
Eating together alone feels impolite
A good place to open a café

Simplest order, Mary’s toast
Arrives last.
Roaming ketchup bottle,
One 16 ouncer must be shared.
A good place to open a café.

Waitress insists
Reservations required,
After all,
Eight poets,
Only two occupied tables.
I guess that’s a rush.

Pat requested better muffin choices,
Then was scolded,
“Last time your group only ordered one.”
I thought customers were always right
A good place to open a café

Peg kindly offered a tutorial
Wide eyed wait girl
Everything seemed a surprise
Why is this so hard?
A good place to open a café

Poets are picky.
A quiet place.
Not waiting twenty minutes
For a cup of tea.
Eating at the same time.

We are polite.
We tip well.Please someone,
Open a café!






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