Corky and Bea (an acrostic)

An exercise of an acrostic done at Write by the Lake poetry class, June 2016

Corky was a cop and that should explain a lot. He proudly said he ran a tight ship and
order ruled the day.  Certain mantras guided his life.
Respect your elders; children should be seen and not heard.  It was easy to
know where you stood with  Corky every day.
Young, so very young, Corky and Bea’s married after a two month courtship then
a two year WWII separation leading  to two  strangers locked in daily  arguments
Never having lived as a couple before children, no shock when after 45 years Bea wanted a
divorce. Corky said go ahead.  I‘m not going to change.  This is all your fault.
Bea has a mind of her own he said. She lost her nerve and they settled into an uneasy truce.
Equal rights were unknown in those good old days.
After 63 years, one thing was clear: they’d have been happier married to someone else.



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  1. Diana Schramer
    Jul 04, 2016 @ 11:57:32

    I love this, Karen! In just a few sentences, you cleverly and succinctly captured the essence of your parents’ marriage, which speaks volumes. You become more talented every day, my friend.



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