Noise Outside My Window

Gazing outside my little window to the world
from one of the one hundred apartments,
Trees sway along the parkway
where little traffic passes
My life moves on slowly.

On summer days the soccer teams gather
Competition high,
with shouts and cheers
from kids and adults.
Lives move on slowly.

An unwelcome visitor appears,
Twisting down the winding road,
Turning into my driveway
Lights flashing
Siren blaring
Someone’s life has changed forever.

On hot, summer Friday nights
Families park under the tree and set up
grill and boom box.Chatter until the curfew clears the space.
Lives move on slowly.

Flying over the building with a roar,
Day and night, helicopters hover
over the medical center blocks away.
Flight for Life responds.
Someone’s life has changed forever.

Safe and quiet in my private spot,
pondering the sounds.
A silent observer,
feeling fortunate that
my life moves on slowly




1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Diana Schramer
    Dec 05, 2016 @ 11:21:26

    So moving and eloquent, Karin. You are truly a gifted poet.



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