No Rules at the Edgerton Lake House

Magical days at the Louievilla in Fish Creek were replicated on the Rock River near Edgerton in November, 2016. Our new digs were a large lake home fully equipped with all modern appliances and wi-fi. A far cry from the sparse Louievilla and we deserve it! Real curtains instead of sheets on the windows! Several bathrooms instead of one. Matching glassware and china; a dishwasher! A fireplace and flat screen TV.

As we oohed and ahhed upon entering the house, we knew the important thing was the warmth and closeness of this special group of friends who’ve hung out together for over thirty years. It makes no difference where we are or what we do, thankfully some things never change.










As we drifted in throughout Friday afternoon, the fridge and kitchen counters quickly filled with multiple plastic bags of snacks and bottles, and cans of favorite beverages. Little Patti quickly hunkered down to food and drink. Betty had allocated herself nine beers a day and coolers were set outside the front door for easy access. Everyone had fulfilled their food assignments and soon there were enough provisions to survive a zombie attack.

The best joke was the shared stories of where and how we each got lost on this fully paved and marked highway leading to our wilderness retreat. Karin had two GPS’s going at the same time and they both recommended a different route, recalculating in unison. The three round-abouts in tiny Edgerton that got everyone almost lost received the most tweets (in this Trump era how else to communicate!).





Friday night, after the usual catching up, Betty’s impromptu game of answering questions drawn from a bowl led to revelations and new information. Helen shared details of her German heritage and childhood experiences. Kathy and Karin revealed their fantasy of finding the self-sufficient man.  Diane disappeared to bed early, as must those who are still working. Actually only Helen and Diane are unfortunate enough to not have reached the magic age of retirement. The group tried hard not to gloat.



img_3403Saturday began slowly since no alarm clocks were set. Coffee and sweets led to snacking and drinking throughout the day. More games, rummicub and talk to Oh Hell!, and a TV football game followed. Go Badgers!  Lex and Kathy arrived late and shared tales of the challenges of the round-abouts, caring for horses and a busy life left behind. The day was capped off with Little Patti’s delicious lasagna for dinner. Patty P. couldn’t help herself doing kitchen clean-up. Interesting that no one seemed to mind, in fact, were completely supportive of her endeavors.













Betty insisted the get together wasn’t for her birthday and you know how she DOESN’T like or need special attention. Regardless there were gifts and toasts. Little Patti sweated until the chair cover and tiara were in place lest Betty launch another search. Where are they!

img_3390img_3392 A less complicated version of charades followed with Sandy taking home the prize. There was none. Sandy and Trish compared their experiences taking care of dear relatives offering support to Diane. Trish passed out many good book suggestions and provided the happy news of her daughter’s engagement and upcoming marriage. Patty P. continued to relentlessly clean up the kitchen. Bonnie’s homemade Bailey’s was enjoyed by all.


Sunday came way too soon. Patty P’s baked French toast dish was a treat and she gets five stars for cooking and then cleaning up too! As quickly as the counters and fridge had filled up, it all disappeared as the cars were packed for the return home. A tutorial was arranged for a lesson in locking the patio door that Betty used for her occasional smokes.



When Betty retired and no longer needed to travel all the way to Door County for peace and quiet, this group of friends lamented. What now, they wondered. That was answered this weekend as they found they could have fun anywhere, even close to home.  What’s important is the warm support and caring that’s given and shared to each other. Luckily some things never change.


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