Voices Down the Hall

Just a quick stop
to update my kindle
Sitting in the lounge off the lobby
where wi-fi is near
Life swirls around

Three men in the library
talking guy stuff|
Comments about tools
and other tangible things
Laughs about building projects
past and present
They get quiet
when one persists with politics
Silence until someone
changes the subject
and they laugh again

Yeas and cheers
from the community room
each time someone gets a strike
Whimpers and groans
with every gutter ball

The men say their cordial farewells
Return to their apartments
for a quiet night
Wi-bowling breaks up
and they depart
Walking back home, I notice
John and Alice’s family
In the dining room
Food, drink and catching up
Incessant chatter as
old and new tidbits flow

Further on
I stop at the table in an alcove
to put one piece
in the jig saw puzzle
That’s my habit
adding one piece each time I pass.


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