I Was Wounded

We were only together for a short time
it was doomed from the start
I had a journal
he found me writing in it one day
life and relationships I’d told him
he wanted to read it
I let him
then he wanted to write in it
I was surprised a man would want to do this
but he did
and he stayed on topic
about our relationship
always his part in it
always his failings
he was younger than me
twelve years
I’d just gotten divorced and was wounded
small town gossip haunted me
But he was kind
I marveled at the simple things he wanted to do
like how we spent three evenings
trimming my Christmas tree
he’d confess later that he purposely went slow
so he could stay longer
he’d asked me to marry him
then took it back
he actually had commitment issues after all
but it was so good for that short time
I was wounded and he healed me
life moved on
we moved back to civilization
separate civilizations
years later
I found the journal
when sorting and moving
it all came rushing back
how things start and finish
in any other time and place
we’d have passed each other by
without a thought
but I was wounded.




1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Linda
    Oct 28, 2017 @ 13:46:12

    I remember.



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