The Love/Hate of E-mail



E-mail has dragged me into the 21st century.
No more paper, pens, envelopes or stamps.
Is this better?

I love it that….
I can stay so easily connected
with friends and family;
I can make many contacts so quickly;
business can be concluded in minutes
instead days or weeks;
I have a permanent record that
something was done
or not.

I hate it …..
that my junk mailbox fills up
quicker than my regular mailbox;
that what I’m really saying is often misconstrued;
that the meaning of all-caps and unfamiliar
abbreviations confuses;
that the poor co-ordination between
computer programs abound;
that body language can’t be part of the interaction;
that writing takes so much more time
than saying my thoughts;
that many don’t check for messages very often,
if ever;
that snapchat, facebook, tweets, texts and
instragram are being used more often;
that this replaces a deep conversation
with a real person.

E-mail is a catch-22 dilemma
with no escape because
of mutually conflicting
or dependent conditions.
Will I survive?


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