The Unraveling of the Well-Planned Day

It begins the evening before, when energy is high, ambition peaked.
The to-do list is a mainstay from working years.
Now, no deadlines, agendas or schedules
but the habit persists.

It’s invigorating to write it all down;
but checking things off is the real reward.
When morning comes, drive has disappeared.
it takes forever to pull things together.

Just one more cup of chai tea before the start.
A half-hour of computer solitaire;
must ponder, what do I really want to do.
That library book comes due soon but I feel like a nap.

Then refreshed, let’s get started;
finish that essay, start that poem.
Sidelined by a phone call; time and energy sucked away.
Writing can wait until later.

A random episode of Friends or Big Bang; a few laughs is a luxury.
Break for lunch relaxation; slide off-track by common chores.
Maybe a short walk will aid focus;
after just a quick check of the news.

One domino leads to another.
Disorder dominates; list is lethargic.
With a mix of dread and relief;
like Scarlet O’Hara, there’s always tomorrow.



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