When Harry Met Sally….Oops Meghan

It’s the royals;
old traditions that have far outlived their usefulness.
Everyone is abuzz; such a fuss.
A diversion which is what we need these days;
Americans always buy into the romance. And the hats.

The couple is so cute and so in love.
The wild Harry is ready to settle down;
the beautiful Meghan has entered the castle with a jolt.
She’s the A, B, C, D‘s of unacceptability.
American; bi-racial; commoner, divorced.
They have the same values and interests;
both have a history of philanthropy and public service,
well established before they met.

They say the Queen is pleased.
They say Diana would approve.
Think what great things they’ll do with their personal resources.
If the throne can change, perhaps there’s hope for the whole world.






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