Note To Self

Inspired by Note to Self,  Collected and Introduced by Gayle King, Simon and Schuster, 2018.

Such a small book; but so inspiring; only one hour to read.
Visionaries, authors, celebrities write a letter to their younger self.
What is it you wish you had known at the beginning.
An intriguing thought; let me give it a try.

Dear Younger Me,
Lighten up;
don’t worry so much;
enjoy the ride.
Be comfortable not fitting in because in many ways you won’t.
And that’s okay.

The most important thing learned from your parents was what not to do.
That sounds harsh but wasn’t meant that way; let me explain.
They did their best having come from difficult upbringings themselves.
Negative messages meant to prop you up that dragged you down.
It was the times.

”You never finish anything.”
You are headed for a rewarding and challenging career.

”College is a waste for girls; you’re on your own.”
You’ll be the only one of six kids with an advanced degree.

“Maybe if you listened better, that boy would like you.”
Your two divorces aren’t failures. You listened to yourself.

I’m proud you forged ahead with so little support.
Your decision not to have children was wise.
You’ll thrive on friendships both in and out of family.
You’ll have a rewarding life for yourself.
On your own terms.

Older Me


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