Do Something Different

Yoga class was distracted from humble warrior pose
by rain coming down in a deluge.
Instructor Terri ended meditation with a kind suggestion:
today do something different; even a small thing.

As we hoped the pouring rain would abate,
Pat and I challenged ourselves.
Rather than wait, why not follow the suggestion.
Do something different.
Why be held hostage by the weather.
Let’s both use Pat’s umbrella;
walk to her car together then I take the umbrella to my car.

After jostling around for the just right mix,
me on one side of Pat and then on the other.
Me hanging onto Pat’s arm,
we wobbled and lurched across the parking lot.
I left for the last leg of the trip
with rain coming down in sheets.

The driveway was drenched,
water swirling down the sewer drain.
Walking carefully; small steps.
squishing shoes, soaked through,
clumsily jostling to close the umbrella and car door,
relieved when I made it.

Driving to the restaurant with wipers at full speed,
by now my backside was wet and shivers had set in.
Settled into a booth and looking out the window,
we see the rain had stopped.
We could have waited a mere ten minutes.
But no; we had to do something different.
Namaste, my ass.



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