A Theme Song for 2019

My end-of-the-year horoscope says I need a theme song for the coming year. Though I’ve never heard of such a thing, I’m game. Anything that will get me through the winter doldrums.

The horoscope tells how scientists at a London university did quite an extensive study to determine what is the catchiest pop song ever recorded. After evaluating a wide array of factors and many songs, they’ve decided that Queen’s “We Are the Champions” is the song that, more than any other, people love to sing.

I had a flashback recalling twenty or so years ago when a local high school graduating class wanted that song to be their theme. Such an uproar. Finally, the school board voted no because the song represented a negative lifestyle. You know. Sex, drugs and rock and roll. My, how times change.

Reading further into the horoscope, I’m being directed to learn the lyrics and sing “We Are The Champions” every day. This will help “build on the confidence-building influences that will be streaming into your life in the coming year.” Horoscope writers have such a unique way of saying things.

This seems fortuitous. A couple of weeks ago I went to see the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. It is the true story behind the myth of this ground-breaking rock band.  Poignant story, great music.

I came home and dug through my pile of CDs. Yes, some of us still get our music from them. I found Queen’s Greatest Hits and next time I went to my car, I put it in the CD player. Since then, I’ve been riding around listening to Queen.

I laugh thinking what people next to me at a stoplight must think: look at that old woman swinging and swaying away to classic rock music. Who cares! I’m loving letting those confidence-building influences stream into my life.




Finding That Just Right Part-Time Job

Retirement is great, but I need something to fill in the idle hours.  Not anything too challenging. Or not where what I do might have long term consequences. After much searching, I think I’ve found just the thing.  My resume has been submitted and I’m anxiously awaiting a call.

The job is White House Chief of Staff. What could be so hard about that? After all, I’ve heard the boss watches TV most of the day and is otherwise occupied with endless tweets that only he can edit (I could have saved him from the “smocking gun” debacle). I know it can be hard to work for someone who knows everything and wants to be completely in charge but I’m resourceful and can find other things to do.

Perhaps I could help Stephen Miller draft even crueler immigration policy. Or maybe I could help Mike Pence find his voice. I’ll bet Ivanka needs my imagination to bring that Moscow tower project back to life. Or Melania could use me to smack down (or is it smock down?) all the bullies in her life.  Circumventing the Mueller probe is just the thing for my sophisticated legal mind. From helping Steve Mnuchin balance the books to crafting a fool-proof denuclearization plan for Pompeo, there is just no end to the opportunities.

I was on the short list for UN Ambassador, but lost out to someone blonde.  So close. Not to worry. I’ll keep looking until I find just the right position that will make the most of  my highly developed management skills. If I get desperate, I could always take on the Head Coach for the Green Bay Packers. Are they as desperate as the West Wing?  We’ll see.



For a Moment, America Shines

On December 5, 2018, the real America was out there for the whole world to see.  The funeral of George H. W. Bush displayed American values that have been not so visible for the last two years. H. W. was a dedicated public servant of the old school. The school of honor and devotion to the many offices he held. A man who made the fateful decision to raise taxes that cost him an election but that he knew was best for the country. This makes me regret not voting for him.

The highly trained precision of the military, the heartfelt eulogies beginning with Jon Meacham and ending with his son, a former president, highlighted the life of a man who had served his country and brought about significant accomplishments. Those achievements will, as time goes by, only enhance his legacy. It’s funny how history sorts it all out, in time.

Most important was the realization that this country is strong and can withstand the challenges it is facing today. The first-row presence of all living Presidents pointed out a few things. The discomfort, maybe even boredom, of the bull in the china shop of the White House was apparent. Perhaps uncomfortable that the speeches could be taken as a tutorial for him, a lesson in how it’s done.

This is how a real leader governs. This is how what is best for the country is put ahead of personal ambitions. This is how people are treated with kindness even when we don’t agree on solutions. This is how humor is used to enhance relationships. These are the results of collaboration, how to cross the aisle and still stand for what you believe in. Though perhaps lost on its intended target, these are lessons for all Americans to ponder.

The pageantry on display is our typical response. We lionize and then a week later it’s back to the day-to-day. But what voters can glean is that today is a small moment in time.   Our country with its rich history has weathered such times before and has returned to what works in the long run. I have to believe this will happen again.

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