For a Moment, America Shines

On December 5, 2018, the real America was out there for the whole world to see.  The funeral of George H. W. Bush displayed American values that have been not so visible for the last two years. H. W. was a dedicated public servant of the old school. The school of honor and devotion to the many offices he held. A man who made the fateful decision to raise taxes that cost him an election but that he knew was best for the country. This makes me regret not voting for him.

The highly trained precision of the military, the heartfelt eulogies beginning with Jon Meacham and ending with his son, a former president, highlighted the life of a man who had served his country and brought about significant accomplishments. Those achievements will, as time goes by, only enhance his legacy. It’s funny how history sorts it all out, in time.

Most important was the realization that this country is strong and can withstand the challenges it is facing today. The first-row presence of all living Presidents pointed out a few things. The discomfort, maybe even boredom, of the bull in the china shop of the White House was apparent. Perhaps uncomfortable that the speeches could be taken as a tutorial for him, a lesson in how it’s done.

This is how a real leader governs. This is how what is best for the country is put ahead of personal ambitions. This is how people are treated with kindness even when we don’t agree on solutions. This is how humor is used to enhance relationships. These are the results of collaboration, how to cross the aisle and still stand for what you believe in. Though perhaps lost on its intended target, these are lessons for all Americans to ponder.

The pageantry on display is our typical response. We lionize and then a week later it’s back to the day-to-day. But what voters can glean is that today is a small moment in time.   Our country with its rich history has weathered such times before and has returned to what works in the long run. I have to believe this will happen again.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Linda Dean
    Dec 06, 2018 @ 15:25:23

    As I looked at the front row, all I could hear was🎶One of these things is not like the other🎵🎶.



  2. Diana DeSpain Schramer
    Dec 10, 2018 @ 14:21:41

    Well said, my friend. Well said. Thank you for your wisdom and insight and for sharing them with us. Just this morning my mother was commenting on the demeanor of the current resident of the White House at H.W.’s service. I laughed out loud at your description of him.



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