A Theme Song for 2019

My end-of-the-year horoscope says I need a theme song for the coming year. Though I’ve never heard of such a thing, I’m game. Anything that will get me through the winter doldrums.

The horoscope tells how scientists at a London university did quite an extensive study to determine what is the catchiest pop song ever recorded. After evaluating a wide array of factors and many songs, they’ve decided that Queen’s “We Are the Champions” is the song that, more than any other, people love to sing.

I had a flashback recalling twenty or so years ago when a local high school graduating class wanted that song to be their theme. Such an uproar. Finally, the school board voted no because the song represented a negative lifestyle. You know. Sex, drugs and rock and roll. My, how times change.

Reading further into the horoscope, I’m being directed to learn the lyrics and sing “We Are The Champions” every day. This will help “build on the confidence-building influences that will be streaming into your life in the coming year.” Horoscope writers have such a unique way of saying things.

This seems fortuitous. A couple of weeks ago I went to see the movie Bohemian Rhapsody. It is the true story behind the myth of this ground-breaking rock band.  Poignant story, great music.

I came home and dug through my pile of CDs. Yes, some of us still get our music from them. I found Queen’s Greatest Hits and next time I went to my car, I put it in the CD player. Since then, I’ve been riding around listening to Queen.

I laugh thinking what people next to me at a stoplight must think: look at that old woman swinging and swaying away to classic rock music. Who cares! I’m loving letting those confidence-building influences stream into my life.





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