Discombobulated 2019

It’s one day after the new year.
A new plan, simple but fun.
Internet check shows yoga at 12:30.
After that, lunch with a book.
Off I go.

Great parking place found.
Look in my purse,
no wallet.
Where did I last have it?
How can I sign in to my class? Aghast!
At the desk I explain,
no problem they say.

Strange, as I approach the room
the class is in mid-pose.
I check the schedule on the door.
Yoga at 11:30 it says. Pshaw!
What a mess!

No wallet, so no lunch.
Home I go.
When I arrive, no wallet to be found
in all the usual places.
Yikes, now I’ll have to replace it all.
Then there it is
under the table on the chair seat.|

Rattled and unbalanced.
Oh, just another sign of aging.
Is that what this is?
Maybe I’m doomed to such discombobulation
for the rest of the year.
Welcome 2019!









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