Kindle Kaleidoscope

Preparing for a plane trip,
while toting an 800-page tome;
how to lug it through long lines.

Aha! Join the 21st century.
Buy a Kindle; always wanted to
and finally break that binge habit of book buying.

But it takes a PhD in library science to figure this out.
Putting a hold on a book only puts you in line.
Length of line depends on how many copies the library owns.
Twenty in line for five copies
will take longer than five in line for twenty copies.

Though carefully watching where the line is,
still, a book is finished long before the next arrives.
That leaves one desperate for something to read.

Or when miscalculating the suspension mode,
now there are two books coming at the same time
and only 21 days to read.
Hunker down and do nothing else!

The record holder is Michelle Obama’s at 2083 ahead in line.
The  Kindle cloud has unlimited storage.
Michelle Obama’s e-book is $14.99.
So much for not buying books.




1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Terri Walters
    Aug 01, 2019 @ 21:02:55

    Sometimes I think I spend almost as much time managing my online library account as I spend reading. One strategy I use is to recommend books that haven’t been released yet. If the library buys the book it automatically goes to my holds list, often before there’s a long queue for the book. I do buy books when I just can’t face a 6 month wait though. Who can wait a year for Michelle’s book?!



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