The Legend of the Arching Eyebrows

Patti P, the self-taught make-up artist of the stars, invited friends to her home for a once in a lifetime class. Asked to bring their own make-up and mirrors, Sandy, Trish, Bonnie, Helen and Ginny took their places at the dining room table. Betty and Karin opted to observe though were allowed to ask questions.

Perhaps due to the excitement of being transformed into an ageless beauty, the room was abuzz as comparisons were made of what each had brought from home. An endless variety of creams, lotions, brushes, sponges, darkeners, lighteners, concealers; then the mirrors, standing upright, propped up, magnifying, large and small with multiple amounts of light settings.

Patti one-upped everyone when she presented a dresser drawer filled with compartments holding every cosmetic tool imaginable. At least a dozen make-up brushes. Throughout the afternoon, Patti reached into her supply and passed out just the right accessory as needed.

Her lack of experience as a classroom teacher was apparent though once she gained control of this unruly gathering (deeming we were “talkers”), she began with the basics: moisturizer, foundation, powder. But the room took on a heightened mood as the subject turned to eyebrows. Patti appeared to have the only arch in the room and was determined to correct that.

Once everyone had put on their head band (hair must be out of the face for best results), Patti began with an illustration on herself. Sharing the tips and secrets of the stars (insisting she’d learned only from “reading a few articles”) she enjoyed the oohs and aahs of her enthralled audience when she achieved a perfect arch. Then, as any good teacher, she observed and assisted the efforts of others.

The work was arduous at the beginning. Sandy lamented how could she do this when she needed her glasses to see what she was doing. Ginny was sure she couldn’t get an arch because her eyebrows were so low. Trish had never even considered an arch and Bonnie was most taken by the eye shadow, the bolder the better. Helen was deemed most advanced with the largest make-up bag. She admitted she had an eyelash curler, the only one in the room, and that she used it daily. And the most unusual sponge, round on one end and pointed on the other.

After ending with lipstick and desert, the room was aglow. Patti declared that the present examples of wilted maturity had been brought alive. Ginny was declared the most improved.  What a special group who can expose their wrinkles, dimples, spots and bags and have fun doing it. From this day forward, every eyebrow arch will be noticed, evaluated and envied. Patti says follow-up  sessions are available.





1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Helen Grosz
    Feb 18, 2019 @ 21:44:10

    You recapped the day beautifully!



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